Welcome to Our Tribe of Oilers

You're here because your heart breaks for those who are suffering and you know there are better choices for them to lead healthier, happier life-stories.


Kicking toxic chemicals to the curb is the major highway they need to travel. We've personally seen the positive changes in our own lives and want to share these changes with others.

Below are some helpful tips in sharing Young Living Oils and Products with your friends and family. And believe me, when they see the changes in their lives, they can't help but tell their friends and family too. We will all be on the fast track to amazing life-stories!

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Hallelujah that our friend, Andrea, cared enough to share these amazing oils with us when Tripp was struggling with his brain attack. We had tried everything.... EVERYTHING...and nothing would take his pain away. (And all she did was send us a text and asked, have you tried essential oils yet?) I had never heard of essential oils and couldn't imagine they would work. I mean, after all, if all the medicine didn't work, how were these oils going to work? 


Well, much to our surprise, these oils brought much relief with NO SIDE EFFECTS, because they helped support his whole body wellness! Hallelujah! We couldn't shut up about them. Anyone who needed a wellness boost, we mentioned how Young Living Essential Oils helped us and gave them our wholesale account number so they could get their own set of essential oils. And they were always so very grateful when they found their story with Young Living.

Then I realized that Young Living was sending me a minimum of $50/person who signed up with my number. That was a total win-win!! But oh, I was NOT going to do this as a business. (Even though I clearly heard God say, "All I want you to do is help people.")

I just didn't want to be a salesperson...


....NOT A SALESPERSON. Yep, selling just isn't my cup of tea. But I LOVE to share recipes, tips, education and training on what was working for our family. It's amazing how many friends and family ask for advice on how to naturally solve an issue. All because I share my passion on Instagram, Facebook, Issuu, LInkedIn, newsletters and website!


It keeps my creative juices flowing, keeps me connected to amazing people and an amazing company. And my personal growth in the last several years has gone through

the roof! 




It wasn't long till I realized this was becoming a real, legitimate business, just by helping people who asked for help! People who had lost all hope, just like we had not too long ago! And it felt so, so good! 


And yes, it's a network marketing company but oh it's so much more. I promise! It's not an in-your-face company. They supply you with education and graphics and it's up to you to run your business how you see fit, what works for you, whatever time you have to share these amazing oils.


I actually created a name for my business, Wellspring Of Hope, LLC but you can share all day long with your own personal touch. It's your business....and only you can run your business! So have fun, be creative! Join our FB group Immeasurably More Oils, join the Gold in Six FB group, Follow Grits & Grace Co, listen to The Essential Oil Revolution podcasts for product education, listen to YL Training and Education, listen or read Brene Brown and Mel Robbins books for personal growth opportunities. Download the Word Swag free app and start creating amazing images with your oils to share on social and business media. Take an AFT session with me to motivate your goals. In other words, never stop growing as a person as well as a business person.



1) A Wholesale Account - Click HERE to order a Basic Kit for $35.00 or a Premium Kit for $165.00 and join our tribe.

2). Join Essential Rewards because you are soooo going to want points back for all your monthly orders! Yep, you can redeem these points for YL products that you've been wanting to try...FOR FREE, totally amazing program!

3). Place a minimum of 100pv (pv is point value which usually equates to 1pv/$1.)


That's it! Once you start replacing all of your toxic chemicals in your home for YL natural products, you'll quickly see how good you and your family feels. And you won't be able to keep these products to yourself....you'll just have to shout it from the rooftop...or social media!


I am so excited for you and can't wait to watch you soar as you help others achieve health, hope and wholeness.


Want more information? Good for you! Click on the images below for a deeper delve into the world of sharing Young Living Essential Oils.

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