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April's PV promotion is empowering women in Nepal to achieve their full potential through the Young Living Foundation! When your April order reaches 400pv or more, you'll receive these dryer balls and the satisfaction that your are empowering women in Nepal to care for their families and find freedom from exploitation.

Here are the stories behind the wool dryer balls and the cotton bags that are included with the promotion.

Wool Dryer Balls

These organic and dye-free wool dryer balls were handcrafted for Young Living in a safe working environment by women crafters who are paid above-average salaries. The workshop specifically hires women in Nepal who often face severe stigma in the workplace, including underpayment and lack of childcare options. Single mothers, widows, and women with husbands working abroad can bring their children to work with them so that they can make a living while also watching over their children.

Cotton Bags

The handmade cotton bag holding the wool dryer balls has a story of its own. It’s sewn with love by adult women who have been rescued from the sex trade and are now free from some of the harshest forms of trauma, violence, exploitation, and enslavement. An organization called Raksha Nepal has provided a place of hope and healing for these women and has helped foster economic independence through skills-based training. The women who made these bags have successfully graduated from a sewing and tailoring program and are now able to provide from themselves and their families as a key part in their journey toward full reintegration into society.

We are so proud to support organizations that provide stable employment and true opportunity for underprivileged women so they can provide a better future for their children and families. Thank you for your amazing support!

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