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YL Collective for their amazing monthly diffusing calendars that also help us use our monthly promos!

For a long time, essential oils were viewed as a way to help homes smell fresh and clean but consumers (that's us) have demanded more from the products they allow to cross the threshold of their homes.


Over the past decade, consumers have become alarmed by the hidden toxins found in our everyday items. The more we know, the more labels we read...the more we begin to reach for simpler, whole, natural ingredients. The chemistry of essential oils are nature's active ingredients for making or doing just about anything. The multi-billion dollar essential oils BOOM is NO fad. They are now a way of life, replacing toxins with better options one use at a time. One of the best ways to start using your essential oils is to swap out chemical filled fragrances.


The health effects of burning candles and using air fresheners (plugins and sprays) - outweigh the good smells. Research now shows that an hour of burning a candle is equivalent to smoking a cigarette. By simply diffusing instead each day, you will avoid hidden health hazards while supporting your body with the many benefits that come from using essential oils.



Have you ever looked up how diffusing essential oils works with your body? YL Essential Oils have very, very small molecules. There are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that's approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body). YLEO's chemistry supports our cells from the inside out. The more potent the plant cell chemistry, the more cellular benefits. The majority of essential oils on the market are sold for "fragrance" purposes which means NO cellular benefits and may even be laced with synthetic toxins to make them cheaper! (Google 'Seed to Seal' 2 learn how YL is different).

YLEO's molecules are so tiny that they linger in the air for hours even after diffusing! But they don't take hours to work! Within 22 seconds YLEO's molecules reach the limbic lobe in the brain for emotional / mental support; Within 2 minutes they have reached the blood stream for physical support; Within 20 minutes EVERY cell in the body is supported!

What to diffuse depends on what you want to support. Each plant has different chemistry that has many benefits! As you learn more about each oil, you will soon know which bottle(s) to grab. The good news is that they ALL have benefits so long as you are using them. One of the BEST things you can do is proactively support your body by diffusing daily. EO's benefits are not as noticeable when used reactively or inconsistently.